Saturday, May 26, 2007 weird who's next?

Kathleen Reitz sent me into the back of my brain today to find 7 weird things about me that I must share with others.
1.) I really like dragons...all kinds
2.) I love stacks and stacks of clean paper
3.) I will draw or paint on any surface that invites me
4.) I don't stay up to late, but I usually want to get up about 4:30am
5.) I don't like sweet drinks of any kind...
6.) I will sit for ages just looking at how the wind blows through leaves and at the patterns made by tree bark
7.) I am a picture junkie... and constantly spend time in bookstores looking at (and buying) picture books

Somehow I think I have been tagged with this subject before and may have tagged at least 7 others in the past, so if you want to play, this is open to all of you...just leave your website address here and if you 'build it, they will come.'

1 comment:

Kathleen Rietz said...

Ha! I love looking at picture books, too!