Monday, August 19, 2013

The Phantom Poodle of Rainy Pass, It's a book!

I would like to introduce you to Dan Levinson and John Suter the men who made this book possible.
The book and e-book are available from or from the 
Poodle Dog Productions website at:  Flying Poodles where you can find bookII of the Poodle Dog Trilogy.

The Phantom Poodle of Rainy Pass    was written lovingly by the late Dan Levinson.  
His story will speak to young and old, but is especially geared to the 6-12 year old age group.  He based his story of a lost sled dog on the true life adventures of John 'the Poodleman' Suter. John Suter raced the iditarod many times and some of those times were with a team of poodle dogs.

Dan's writing is exceptional, reads beautifully, and creates the perfect mood for an Alaskan winter adventure.

It was my pleasure and honor to be chosen to illustrate this delightful story.  I am sure that anyone who knew Dan Levinson would enjoy his story.

                       The Alaskan winter can be lonely. Rose Ningaloo, knows that.
                      But on her 9th Birthday a special surprise arrived by plane. 
            A girl her own age, to play with, do homework with, and "adventure" with.

Sharing secrets, making taffy and reindeer ice cream, playing video games was all part of getting to know one another.  But soon the girls decided they needed an ADVENTURE.

Off they went, up Rose's mountain. What they saw from the rock they were perched on was a mystery at first.  Soon it became quite clear what the dark object was that they had seen hiding in the 
snow covered trees below.

You can be part of their exciting discovery when you get your copy of the book or the eBook.
Visit Flying Poodles Website to learn more.