Wednesday, April 28, 2021

 Recently I was contacted by a firm in the UK that specializes in wall murals and prints. 

Here is a link to the images that I have contributed to the site.

Azutura.... displays

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

 Once in a while I have time for creating a book of my own. I approach this very carefully because I always want it to be something both children and adults will enjoy.

The story of Bjorn and Refur is retold from an old Norse legend. Today bears have short tails. They are rather stumpy and insignificant. But of course that is not the whole story.  Once, long ago, they had great, bushy, luxurious tails.  Bjorn, the bear, and Refur the sly fox have an encounter that leads to consequences for the bear.  

I am not saying Bjorn was stupid, or anything like that. He was simply so trusting and hungry that he was easily fooled by the lie that the fox told.

The book, Bjorn and Refur, should delight young and old.  It should be out by Spring of 2021.