Friday, April 4, 2014

Making Flying Tissue Paper Fish

I start with a large size tissue paper. You need two sheets to start.
On one sheet draw the outline of a fish. It doesn't need to be perfect, just kind of "fishy" looking.

 Next I cut out the two pieces and glue just the top edges together. You can use a small amount of Elmer's or a tombow glue applicator ( available from scrapbook Pals at a discount )

Then I start on the top layer at the back end and glue on tissue paper rounds that I cut from the multicolored tissue leftovers I have. Or you can order a whole pack of tissue in various colors from any art supply place or buy several colors at a gift and card aisle.  By working from the back to the front you can layer the tissues as if they were scales.

When you finish one side and place an eye where you want it, you turn the whole thing over and do the other side.  The fish is still open at the front, back and bottom.  Once you finish both sides, stuff the fish with left over scraps of tissue or thin newsprint or even news paper. Then gule the Bottom ONLY...leave the mouth and tail ends open for now.

I like to cut long strips of tissue to make a fancy tail. Since the tail end it open still it is easy to insert the strips inside the tail end.

To finish off the fish I poke a hole in the mouth end and put a string in there about 3 feet long. Then I tie the string to a balloon stick or any stick and if you lift the fish up by this you can "fly" it around.

Another option is to hang some of the fish on a porch or balcony in good weather and let the wind blow them around.  Our little ones like to "fly" them as they run through the yard on a sunny day.

You can make ANY size,  big, little, medium  or even teensy and have a lot of fun making them.
Actually the most fun IS in the making and enjoying the fun you can have together.

I have made these with a room full of adults and children and the results are always amazing on so many levels.  It is fun to see parents, grandparents, caregivers and children enjoying the process.

HINTS and Words to the Wise:

Don't over use the glue if you are using Elmers
If you are using the tombow applicators .. go lightly so you don't rip the tissue. Little ones may need help with either. 

You should be able to click on this page of fishy eyes and then drag it to your desktop for printing, or maybe you would rather make your own funny eyes.
Whatever you decide, I hope you have a lot of fun!