Monday, December 18, 2006

the Shepherds Play

There is a farm community in a town next to ours called the PLOWSHARE FARM. This is a 'life sharing' community. When I first moved here I hadn't heard the term before. The Life Sharing comes from the way the community is structured. To house the mentally, physically and emotionally challenged members of the community they all live with co-workers in extended family homes. This allows each individual to grow in independence or be nurtured in their dependency.

During the Christmas season the residents of this community perform a play called the Shepherd's play. It is an old world play which is Christ centered and in each performance it becomes a blessing to those gathered to witness the presentation.

You can find out more about this wonderful community at
  • the Plowshare Farm
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    Kimberly said...

    Hello There,
    I am a co-worker at Plowshare Farm and the director of the Shepherd's Play. I just found your 2006 comment about our play. Thank you! This year's performance is on Monday 12/14 and Thursday 12/17 at 7pm. We love an audience and hope you can come!
    Kind regards,