Thursday, February 11, 2010

Painter Problem

This image is pretty much 1/6 of a larger painting I was working on when I began having a problem with Painter IX.

Before you try this fix ... be sure to SAVE your work. If you create some kind of situation that Painter does not like, you can stand to lose your work thus far. Just be on the safe side, SAVE SAVE SAVE when working in Painter.

Some of you may be using Painter IX or X and having this problem, so I have a solution.
The problem occurs when you are working on multilayered and huge files. The painting is going along well and you have something above 12 layers going and all of a sudden you get the message:
"Script Out Of Data Map Entries" at which point if you create even one more stroke a huge line smears itself across your painting. And this continues to happen with every subsequent stroke.
This is because Painter saves all your strokes in a script so that you can play it back if you need to. I don't use scripts so I figured I could get rid of them... Ha Ha Ha...joke was on me!

I found that even setting the number of script entries to ONE in the General preferences panel did not work. Trashing the entire script item from the program did not work either. Even with the Presets for scripts gone forever I was still getting that annoying message and those horrible errors on my paintings.

However I did find a solution and I should have guessed at it before.
I was so puzzled by the fact that even after I had trashed the script library the error still occurred.
So I went to WINDOW and selected SHOW SCRIPTS and wouldn't you know it, there was my little script library window with several little boxes (scripts in progress) showing. Once that was showing I could select "SCRIPT MOVER" from the drop down arrow . Next all I had to do was delete all those little boxes, close and quit and I was back in the business of creating.

Now as I work on these huge paintings I periodically go to the scripts window to see what the little devil is doing, and just delete the script items and keep on working.

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