Sunday, December 27, 2009

Through the Fog

The family members that had to travel here have traveled home. Those who could not make the trip have called, chatted and sent photos and videos for us to enjoy.

Now today, those of us who live in this house are quietly settled into almost normal daily activities. The tree is still trimmed and shining brightly. The manger scene invites discovery from all who pass by.
Often the characters are rearranged to suit whomever is visiting.

Basically all is quiet. Outside a heavy fog has cloaked the forest from view and the snow has begun to change yet again into something not quite snow and not yet slush.

Although it warmed up today , I am sure the bears are still deep asleep and waiting out the rest of the winter safe in their special hideaways. When the cold returns with ice and snow the deer will begin to arrive.

In the meantime, soups are made, leftovers are served, more cookies are baked, puzzles are put together, books are devoured and all is calm.



It sounds perfect....and just what you deserve. I am so happy that your Christmas was filled with family and fun and now you can welcome the new year cozy in your home....cookies, puzzles, books and soup...all the comforts of home. Blessings !!

Julia Kelly said...

So glad you are enjoying a NH kind of winter Christmas! It sound wonderful and wish I was close to enjoy your company and soup!