Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winston Wednesday ~ Chapter VI

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: to save you all from having to go back into the depths of this blog I have archived all of Winston's Adventures on a separate blog. Just as it was before, it creates a new area, but at least all the chapters will be connected to one another and you can easily follow them RIGHT HERE)

The chase was on. Not to let her fears take over, the cook popped Roxxanne into her apron pocket and followed Winston who was following the dragon. As they might have noticed if they had looked out the window.....night was beginning to fall.

The dragon led the trio on a merry chase and disappeared into the caves below the castle.

In the caves it was even darker. Dampness and cobwebs surrounded the cook, Roxxanne and Winston.
Ahead of them they could hear the dragon's heavy footsteps. It bellowed loudly from time to time, as if to scare them away.
There was possibly only one other thing that was more fearsome. The Queen's anger. So they kept on the trail.

Winston the Wonderhound ran on ahead with the cook and Roxxanne close behind.

Does the cook have anything in her pocket that can help them now.
Anything at all? Anything besides Roxxanne?

(If you are following along and want to know what happened up to this point, just check the archives HERE)

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