Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Upon entering the castle the cook took Winston and Roxxanne directly to the huge kitchen...the scene of the crime.
Pieces of golden china and fragile crystal were strewn across the marbled floor.
"Oh how terrible," Roxxanne was shaken by the horrible destruction.

"Yes," added Winston, "terrible indeed!"

"TERRIBLE YOU SAY!!!!! TERRIBLE INDEED~" a shrill yet booming voice echoed through the great expanse of the kitchen.

There in front of the tragic trio stood the Queen. Queen Mellameen, to be exact, and she was not in a good mood.
"What in the BIG WIDE WORLD of my PERSONAL QUEENDOM happened here?" she demanded.

"Oh, your majesty, " stammered the cook, " I am so sorry about all this mess." She took a deep breath and began to explain to the queen how the huge beast (dragon) had burst into the kitchen while she was preparing the Queen's birthday dinner, and had gobbled up all the fine china and crystal.

"And, your Majesty, I am sorry to say he has also eaten your beautiful soup tureen, ladle and all."

"What???? YOU'VE LOST MY ROYAL GOLDEN BOWL? Surely for this your head will roll!"

As you can see the queen did not take the news lightly and as Winston and Roxxanne and the cook stood shuddering at this last exclamation from the angry monarch, another more terrifying noise was heard.

©Ginger Nielson- all rights reserved

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Kassandra Heller said...

Fun story and great illustrations!

Anette Heiberg said...

You've done a great job with the body language and expressions!

Anette Heiberg