Sunday, September 23, 2007


At this year's Keene State College Children's Literature Festival (Oct.27th) "A Parliament of Owls" will be one of the main attractions. These owls have been painted by Children's Book Artists and donated to the college to bring the number to 100. This is to honor the school's mascot along with the 100th Anniversary of the College in 2009. All the donated works are to be framed and hung with the 100th framed work having the honor of a special ceremony to celebrate 100 owls and 100 years.

You can see my contribution here, and the names of all those who donated owls at theKeene State College Owl Project website.

Look at the list and you will see many of the artists whose work you already know and many more that are worth your getting to know.



Super owl rendering...Brian would love it !! He's crazy for owls !! Those feathers are so realistic I can almost feel their softness. Another beauty, Ginger !

Julia Kelly said...

Very cool and what an honor!!