Monday, September 6, 2010

Daniel and the Harmonica is available to order

I received my copies of Daniel and the Harmonica by Rob Dubreuil and will soon be getting ready for our first book signing. If you live in the area, we will be at the Milford Toadstool Bookstore on Oct. 16, (my birthday.... *:)   and will have bookmarks to go with each book purchased.  The book is available on the publishers website, Stemmer House, at and at Barnes and Noble.

While I wait anxiously for our book signing I will be practicing my harmonica!  There are several pages of harmonica notation in the back of the book, so you will be getting an extra special portion of magic when you buy the book.

A number of people I know are illustrated in some fashion in the book. I hope that those who I chose to create "images" for can find themselves in the book.  Even our favorite mailman is featured on one page, he is singing his heart out!

For those in our town who are pictured here and there within these pages, it is kind of like a Where's Waldo adventure.  I hope people are able to recognize themselves.

One person in particular is the editor who worked so generously with me.  Dave Eisenstadter was not only my editor but worked at our local newspaper part time as a reporter.  When I brought the dummy book to his office, he came out of the back room wearing a superman shirt.   I returned a few days later with a pair of Clark Kent glasses for his shirt pocket.  And, yes, he is in the book too, superman shirt and all, our favorite mild mannered reporter.  I am sure you will be able to find him as well.

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