Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daniel and the Harmonica ~ color page # 1

I have a series of coloring pages that accompany the book, Daniel and the Harmonica.  You can download them here over the next few days.  I'll be posting them one at a time.   The book, written by Rob Dubreuil, will be available within the next couple of weeks (Sept. 28) and can be pre ordered now from the publisher or, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million or at any and all bookstores.

Since the book includes a few pages of harmonica notation, it is a great gift when paired with a harmonica.
To use this image as a color page, click on the image and download to your computer. You can either color it digitally in the computer or print it out and color with your choice of crayons, markers, or whatever *:)

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