Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Winston Wednesday

Winston and Roxxanne have arrived.... hop on over to Winston's blog and continue the adventure.
Now just because of Winston and Henry and all the other dogs I have loved I want to post this lovely award from Monica. I know you will want to visit her blog too.

In the next few days I will be passing it on to others. For now I have shown it to Henry and told Winston about it. Winston is off on his great adventure, so he will have to read about it when he has time.


Andrew Finnie said...

You have really captured a sense of story in those pictures in the parts you have chosen to illustrate (note to self) :)

Bron Smith said...

I like the bright cheery colors and the detail that you put into your Winston illustration. It must be hard to keep it going. Getting a Trowbridge done, with all that I have to do, is always a challenge. That's why I don't get them out every week.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! These illustrations are magical. I love the colors and the detail is astounding!

Very good work!