Monday, March 1, 2010

The Net

I needed to create a huge fishing net for a project on which I am working.
First I started out drawing every strand and adding knots at each junction.

I had some fish to catch.

THAT... was driving me craazzzy to say nothing of my eyes feeling like they had been punched.

Fortunately, Painter allows illustrators to create their own patterns. So with a little canvas about 300x300px and 72dpi I drew and painted a very small fishing net.
Then I named it and placed it in my Patterns library. I was now able to "brush" it across the areas wherever I needed a net.

And that is how I "caught my fish."


Beth said...

That is really a neat net, Ginger. :o) Love your illos!


how cool !!!

Loni Edwards said...

Great idea on using the pattern brush! Love it!

Roberta said...

Great tip Ginger. It looks like it worked really well!

theartofpuro said...

Great work!