Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One step at a time

Scientific tidbit:

When an elephant raises it's trunk it is threatening or intimidating a predator or intruder... as if to say.."You better get out of here."
When an elephant lowers it's trunk and runs at you.... "YOU'd REALLY Better Get Out of HERE!"

I am moving very slowly along the last few spreads of my dummy. The story is finished...somewhat. I have a habit of working inside out. That is, I write, then draw then maybe change a word, a line a paragraph, and that affects the drawing a bit.

This way works for me, although it may not seem even sane to others. Having the control over both the manuscript and the illustrations is a blessing and a curse. So far, as one of my artist friends pointed out, there can be multiple changes to a sketch or painting before we see it as done.

This particular sketch depicts two paragraphs from my story and it has changed several times since I first began to visualize the moments and movement. Now I think I am happy. The text changed along with the illustration... as often happens when one has Ultimate Control...but I am moving on to the last three spreads. Maybe by this fall I'll be able to say, Dummy done! Then what?


Anonymous said...

Looks great Ginger! Love the depth of the sketch!

You ask then what? Then you'll seel the manuscripts and you can paint the whole book!!

Your love of animals really does shine through Ginger!

Ginger*:) said...

Thanks Sherry, I appreciate the comment, especially coming from you *:)

Di said...

Love the elephant tidbit! As far as than what? Take a short breather & work on smaller projects while your next story percolates. Thats what I try to do. Sometimes my percolater gets clogged though.