Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not much has changed

Here we are in JULY already! But just as in most every day in JUNE... it is darn right cool and still raining...buckets and more!

Sometimes it stops for a few minutes and we run out and pull weeds.... they are everywhere. Plus, the whole world outside is green! Even the steps and sidewalks are turning green from the rain and dampness. My garden shoes, which were left outdoors by mistake have grown moss on the edges. At least I hope it is moss. The slugs are multiplying, the pool is filling to overflowing, the puddles are enormous and the birds are hiding. I think sometimes I hear them singing, but I expect they are only crying.

And then, last night, when it was still pouring, I dreamt about ducks! Honestly!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your rain Ginger. You are always welcome to come see us for a bit. . .or I could box up some of our hot weather and send it on over.

Funny thing is on the last comment I posted the word you had to type was derain. . .amazing.