Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bears waking up

This is a small version of the current dummy I am working on.

And speaking of bears waking up... we had to take down all the bird feeders. We sometimes forget to take them in at night, and that is when the bears seem to find the most opportune time to have a birdseed buffet. It never ends with just a snack for them, they totally destroy any container and even bend heavy metal poles just to get to the food.
Fortunately for the hungry birds, the forest is full of plants and seeds that the birds eat and now a HUGE new crop of mosquitoes.


Nicole Shoemaker said...


This is a very beautiful piece. I like the golden tones on the cubs fur. The little hint of tree in the corner is a nice touch to the composition!

Boy, you have been on a role lately!

Anonymous said...

What an heart warming illustration Ginger! You have such a way with making an illustrations emotional value so clear. Love that baby bear. . .

Having bears live so close would scare me to death Ginger! You are one brave woman!