Monday, May 18, 2009

Old people in old places

This is one I am working on.. the finish will be pen and ink and maybe a bit of digital. Right now I am in the exploration stage, but loving the adventure I am able to create in this musty old library.

I love the idea of old books, old libraries, and older people who still love to read and explore.
Stella is one of those avid readers. She belongs to three separate book clubs and is the host of an online bookblogger club. Her friend Jerome, however is rather a loner. He loves to haunt the rare bookshelves for some timeless novel or historic fiction. Uh oh.... looks like he dropped something.

Never mind.. Stella will catch it. Hmmmmmmm... but what will she find and what will she do next?


Roberta said...

This is great has a bit of a vintage feel!
Now I'm wondering what digital techniques you'll use to color it.

Ginger*:) said...

Hi Roberta... I have to make some choices here. To finish it as a painting will take away a lot of the line, but perhaps a watercolor would work best. I have to see how it feels and since this is just a sketch I can experiment a bit before I find the perfect finish. Painter will be the vehicle of choice, but I may begin with traditional watercolors first.