Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Having been Bumped right out of the moat, Winston and Roxxanne found themselves directly in front of a tearful young lady.  Although they were already dripping wet, her tears threatened to keep them from drying off at all.

"What is the matter?" Winston asked.

"I have such a HUGE problem," replied the young lady.  " A DRAGON has broken into the kitchen at the castle, where I am the cook. "

"Wow!" Winston was amazed.  "Is it still there?"
"Y...Y... YES!" sobbed the cook.  "And it is EATING all the fine china!"
"Bummer." Roxxanne had to put in her two cents.

"And, if I can't get all that china back before tonight the Queen will have my head!"

"Oh," said Winston, " she wouldn't do that .... would she?"

"She certainly would," the cook wiped her eyes with the edge of her apron, "and tonight is her birthday party.  She plans to serve soup from her Royal Golden Soup Tureen."

"And, I take it that was eaten too." Winston guessed.

"Absolutely," replied the cook,"along with the silver ladle and all the fine crystal.  What am I going to do?"

...........good question...... tune in next Wednesday.

Working sketch for this segment.