Wednesday, January 28, 2009


On the way to the castle... a rather long walk, the cook began to retell her sad story.

"I was working on the Queen's birthday dinner and had all the fine golden china ready to place on the great table in the great hall for the great dinner."

Here, she stopped for a minute, shed a tear or two and then continued. " There was a sudden crash as the kitchen door was smashed in and there right in front of me was a huge creature with HUNGRY eyes and teeth as big as I have ever seen. This creature seemed not to be interested in the fine food I was preparing, but in the golden china and glittering crystal."

Winston and Roxxanne had stopped too, to listen and comfort the cook as she told them how the dragon had not only gobbled up all the fine china, but succeeded in swallowing the Queen's golden soup tureen WHOLE!

As the trio continued up the hill to the castle, the cook recounted what happened next...... ( ah tune in NEXT Wednesday as we enter the castle and find out what the cook's fate will be if she can't rescue the Queen's china!)


ValGalArt said...

Wow! That soup tureen is quite large too :P What an animal!!! I sure hope the cook gets it back!

Anonymous said...

I want to read/see more!
lovin this!!!