Monday, January 12, 2009

WINSTON WEDNESDAYS - Mergers and Acquisitions

For some time I have been neglecting to post to my other blog... Winston the Wonderhound. Today I was reading Kathy Weller's blog and she mentioned that she might consider merging two of her blogs. I had been thinking the same thing, and although Winston's story is a rather long and complex one, I am still considering bringing him into this blog. When simplifying seems to be the order of the day, I think it could work.

So here, I will introduce Winston the Wonderhound...and perhaps he will continue his adventures right here along with my other posts.

To make a long story shorter.... Winston and his hedgehog friend Roxxanne ended up floating in a balloon basket over the ocean. Presently they realized the balloon was rapidly losing air, and they were quickly dumped into the moat of a rather large castle.

Struggling to climb out of the slippery slopes they were helped by some friends who were not accustomed to having dogs and hedgehogs in their way. BUMP! and Winston and Roxxanne were tossed above to dry land.

And that is where I will leave our two friends for today... but tune in again soon and we can find out what was waiting to greet Winston and Roxxanne when they "landed."

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Amy C. Moreno said...

I have always loved Winston. I love the illo with him and Roxanne grabbing onto the side of the bank with the water swirling around. You really captured the energy of the water and the desperation to grab hold...wonderful job. Smart to merge the blogs too..You always have good ideas.