Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally a Website Update

For the longest time I have wanted to upgrade my web-authoring software. I began with simple HTML codes when I first attempted website creation and then I found Page Mill. That program saw me through several seasons of creating stories for children on the internet, but it had drawbacks. The next update for me was GoLive. I used that program through several upgrades until it ceased to be supported.

My goal was to acquire and LEARN Dreamweaver CS3. For some reason I resisted thinking it was :One- too expensive. and :Two - not within my learning curve. I was pleasantly surprised on at least one count. Dreamweaver isn't that hard to learn. Not master, but learn. The expense is still a factor.

The result is that I can do something I have been eager to do for a long time. I can now swap an image from the center of the page with a roll over and the little icon images at the side of the page can change the center image when you roll over each one.
The technical term for this is disjointed rollover and although it may take some of you only an instant to learn...... my progress was much slower.

Hopefully all is working well and I will continue to learn the program and find new ways to improve my web presence. We all know how important it is becoming for an illustrator to have a strong but easily navigated website.
Here is your invitation to visit my newly designed site. Comment if you wish, criticize if you find it helpful, and please enjoy your visit.



It looks great...I LOVE the rollover feature. And thanks for the sweet comment on my do SO much for my confidence !!

aynaku said...

funny self portrait while busy w'dream weaver!
I agree w' you about it:basic dream weaver is not that hard.
(your work is always excellent )

Anonymous said...

Your web-site is great! I found it nice and clear and easy to find things. The roll-over's fun to use and I enjoyed reading your interview. :)

Ginger*:)* said...

Thank you all for taking the time to visit. *:)

roz said...

Looks great!
I was excited when I learned the disjointed rollover too.
My only problem was when I went to update my page, I'd forgotten how to do it. Had to learn all over again!
I remembered to write it down this time. haha

Karen Aune Arts said...

I really enjoy visiting your blog, I find it very inspiring. I love your illustrations, so vibrant and colorful.

I also use DW and it really has made it much easier to troubleshoot code if needed, it's not always WYSIWYG. Been trying to figure out how to swap image AND text to display info for paintings in my web site's portfolio, so far resorted to including the text with the image file.

Great job with your site!

Kate said...

The website looks great....I visited a couple of times. Nice that you have the one can swipe your images.