Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Ice Lanterns

This Christmas my niece gave us a wonderful and fun gift. We are enjoying it as long as the cold lasts and will make more of these remarkable ICE LANTERNS when the cold returns for good. This picture is not our house, but the lanterns we made are just like these.

The process is super simple. Just pour water into the mold. Freeze indoors or outdoors for 24 hours and then unmold by pouring a little warm water into the cavity. Actually my ice lanterns just slipped right out. There is space inside to place a candle or battery operated light and the effect is just fantastic.

To see the product page you can visit:

  • The concept is from Norway.


    Roz said...

    Wish it got cold enough to do here. Looks fabulous.

    Alina Chau said...

    WOW!! Enchanting!

    Oberon's Journal said...

    This is amazing!!! What a fabulous idea and beautiful sight to enjoy!
    Fire and ice! I wonder if you know about the Ice Hotel in Iceland?

    isay said...

    So beautiful! I will try this!

    Ginger*:)* said...

    It has been cold enough here in NH for us to make several...today they may melt a bit but we can wait..we will make more and post our own picture when we have enough to light up the sky!

    doodlegirl said...

    WoW! That is so beautiful! What a thoughtful niece.

    Chuang Shyue Chou said...

    This scene is unbelievable. It's like one straight out of a book.