Tuesday, January 30, 2007


  • ©GingerNielson2006

  • All during the year illustrators and artists have the opportunity to enter the
  • catalog cover contest. Your entries are viewed and if selected as a finalist you receive a wonderful gift certificate for items in the catalog. If your finalist entry is subsequently chosen for an actual cover you receive the honor of the cover and a HUGE gift certificate for items in the catalog. What makes this so special for an artist is the great stuff in the catalog. For artists and illustrators and even kids interested in art this catalog has wonderful items to offer. There are also unusual and unique gifts.

    And WHY am I telling you all this? Because my artwork will be featured on the next cover *:) It is due in homes in about 3 weeks, and I can't wait to get my complimentary copies! ( and order some wonderful art materials and gifts )

    If you want to enter the contest, just type "cover contest" in the search window at the top left of the website for Flax Art and you'll find the rules. Or click
  • HERE.

    "e" said...

    Wowsa Ginger!!!

    Natura said...

    Hey! Congratulations!!. You deserve it Ginger, your work is great.


    isay said...

    Congratulations Ginger!

    Courtney said...

    great job, your elephant is so cute. great idea and very cool catalog.

    Paige Keiser said...

    Congrats Ginger!!! Whooo hooo! "Go Ginger, it's your Birthday, Go Ginger, Go Ginger" ;0) Very nice cover!

    Amy C. Moreno said...

    Yeay Ginger! I'm so thrilled for you! You deserved to win it..and now CELEbrate!

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful! WOnderful! Wonderful! And so much deserved! Stand up and take a bow dear Ginger! It is marvelous!

    Ginger*:)* said...

    Thanks so much guys! I really never expected but surely did HOPE! for this. But you know what's the best about this, that you all stopped by to give me a virtual 'High Five.' You all are the best of the best!

    gail said...

    Congratulations Ginger!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad I saw this post, I think you bring me good luck. :) (Remember W.I.N. 2006!) So I'm looking into entering this one too!