Wednesday, December 9, 2020

 New this year is the launch of my imprint "Carrot Flower Books" These are the books that I havewritten and also illustrated. They are designed for the young readers and those who may still need a book that needs no words to explain.  I like to create a story that once heard can enable a child to "read" alone just by looking at the pictures. That being said, reading to your child is one of the great benefits of having that closeness and time for bonding. Reading to your child, taking your child to the library ... virtual or otherwise... is one key to learning and development.

New in the little store on my website is:  Maxwell and the Very Big Cookie.

Maxwell is one of the hungriest piglets on farmer Bruce's farm.

He likes to sleep late! But that can be a problem for a hungry piglet. When he missed breakfast entirely, the farmer's wife gives Maxwell a BIG cookie. That is only the beginning of his problems.