Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another review for The Star Giver arrived in my mail today. I would like to share that and another image from the book.  I am pleased to say that the review reflects the gentle tone of the book.

The Children’s Book Review |
The Star Giver
By Ginger Neilson Paperback: 34 pages Age Range: 3-­‐7
Publisher: Virginia Neilson (September 1, 2014)  ISBN: 978-0991309337
What to expect: Folktale, Bears, Stars, Illustrations
Ginger Neilson tells a soothing folktale set deep in the forest. When Little Bear asks, “Where did the stars come from?” Mother Bear leans in closely to share a Native American legend from “the far, far north.” Illustrations rich in deep nighttime colors create a peaceful visual to the comforting story of a man, made of stars and the branches of pines, who forever continues to spread starlight across the night sky. This man is known as the Star Giver.

“His gifts are hidden under an enormous cloak. Yet the starlight beneath sparkles through and lights his way wherever he wanders.”
Each night, the Star Giver travels through the forest to the sea. When he reaches the shoreline he opens his cloak and allows the wind to blow his stars into the aquatic scenery. The sea tosses them with “towering waves until they escape to the sky” where they stay until morning above the slumbering animals. The Star Giver remains quiet and still until he opens his cloak and calls for the stars to return to him. Dramatic brush strokes swirl across double page spreads expressing emotion and providing movement to the illustrations. 
The nature of the story is mystical and therefore sure to open the slumbering doors of dreamtime if chosen as a bedtime read. Recommended for children ages 3 through 7.
—The Children’s Book Review (

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