Saturday, October 15, 2011

Many Thanks for your kind words *:)

I wanted to take some time to thank all who post here for their kind words and encouragement.  The past 7 years have been very busy for me.  I left my day job, moved to northern New England with my husband and have been illustrating books full time since then.   In that time I have met many wonderful artists, designers, and friends through the internet and in our new community.

Seeing your posts and comments is very heartwarming to me as I strive to perfect the craft of creating meaningful illustrations for children's books.  I want to thank all who follow this blog and all those who find me on facebook, twitter, and Linked In.   Sometimes, things get a bit busy and I don't have too  much time to post, but when I can I enjoy sharing what I do.

Hopefully I will have more surprises to offer in the way of children's books and illustrations.  If your vocation is making art, it is a life long event *:)

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