Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cards and Postcards for fall mailing

I decided to create a postcard for the Fall mailing, but at the same time decided upon a business card to match.  I used a different set of criteria for each.  Since business cards are small I wanted the image to stand out a bit more but not overtake the card.  You can see what I mean from the images below.


Business Card:  I moved the image in a bit closer.

Although I won't use  both these items in the same mailing, it is nice to have some consistency in both the postcard and the business card.  Each has also a bit of the same total effect on the back.
Also, if I put together a media kit it would be nice to have the two coordinating items included.

The postcard is coated on the front only, in case I want to write something on the back or hand letter the addresses.  The business card, on the other hand, is coated on both sides.
My address and phone contact are on the back of the postcard and the business card.

I have been keeping my target list small enough to be able to afford 3 or four select mailings a year. That means I don't order that many cards and I can justify three or four different (NEW) designs a year.  In some cases there may be a need to promote a specific style and I want to have that option open.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

These are perfect and really portray in that small space... oh how to put it into words... your ability to show a moment to create a full character...

Rena said...

Those are awesome, Ginger!