Saturday, June 11, 2011

To my Friends...

I have decided to leave the Facebook community but will keep my blog, my portfolios and my Linked In connections.  You can always reach me via email or phone if you have my number.  There is a contact area on my website and I welcome any communication.

My work requires a bit more of my time, and I will be concentrating on the assignments I am accepting.
Although I miss communicating on a day to day basis with my art community friends I know that we can still keep in touch.

My email:
My portfolios:  and via the links on my website

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Janet O'Connor said...

Hi Ginger, I can appreciate your reasons for withdrawing from Facebook. It is a huge time sponge as well as distraction. I keep a presence there, but do not participate now the way I used to. For me, even blogging and reading other's entries is time consuming.
Best wishes for your continued success!