Thursday, February 3, 2011

New dummy under construction

Since I have sent out the dummy I worked on for most of the last few months, I will begin this second one while I wait patiently for some type of response on the one I just sent out.
Here is a quick sketch ... but I can't give away the story. I will say that there is a surpise ending that just cracks me up.  If the sketch looks familiar, and it might, that is because I have been coming and going with the manuscript for over a year now. I finally love it, so the dummy will come next.  At some point this story will find a home.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh yey! A new book! Yey! ♥

Andrew Finnie said...

Hey I often judge a work by how hungry it makes me feel. This one makes me feel real hungry! Love the tongue and the strong diagonal and the empty space (for the text?)

That's one thing I need to learn (amongst a million other things) to leave that space :)

Ginger*:) said...

Thanks Cori Lynn, and Yes Andrew that space is for the text. I usually work inside out...some of the story dictates the illos and then I have to change the text.

As I mentioned before, sometimes the characters put their foot down and make me change direction *:)