Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Charley Thornpaws ~ The Color Pages

Here are some color pages for Little Charley Thornpaws.  The book is available from the publisher, 4RV Publishing LLC, and soon from Amazon.com and any and all bookstores.

To use the color pages you only need to click on the image for it to open in another window. Then you can either right click to download to your desktop or click and drag to your desktop.  If you want to print and color you can do that, or you can color in the computer with a paint program and then print and keep.
You can download more than one copy and have fun on a rainy day with your family and friends.

Want to get the MOST fun.... get your copy of the book. A day in the life of Charley will amuse and entertain you.  Caelaach McKinna's excellent and imaginative rhyme sets the tone for the day.

Charley will remind you of your own pets, and most especially if you have a cat!

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Beth Reinke said...

Ginger, these coloring pages are great. Children will have fun with them...and the book! :o)