Monday, October 4, 2010

Fishy stuff

I am working on scenes for a larger illustration and need to depict some sea creatures that are more my own than those that truthfully exist.  There are real fish that are similar, but to set these fish into the tone of my story I need to give them a story book look.   It has taken several hours to get these two into place, but I am happy with them and they seem to like being where they are in the story.

The larger fish is based on a really interesting creature. The sarcastic  Fringehead is quite a bit more fearsome and uglier, but such a character. If you get a chance to watch a video of one of these fish I think you will see what I mean.  The purpley guy is a saltfish, or at least my version of same.


Diana Evans said...

oh these fishy are so sweet!!! wonderful work Ginger!!!


wonderful fish! can imagine some of their personality already : )

michele said...

Hi Ginger! So many neat things going on here at your site! Love these fish! I agree, they are always so entertaining to watch as they swim about, doing "fishy" stuff. Wonderful! :o) P.S. Thanks for signing on to follow my blog!