Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corel Creativity Challenge

Corel is sponsoring a Creativity Challenge for Corel Artists

  Careful reading of the terms of the contest should be first on anyone's list if they plan to enter.
I am assuming that you would enter some of your best work in order to win one of the many prizes.

However the terms stated are very clear in what Corel can do with your work.  Before entering any contest with or without a fee for entering, one should carefully read the terms and conditions.

This is from the contest rules:

"... The parties acknowledge that, other than as granted to Corel hereunder, all
right, title and interest including the copyright and other intellectual
property rights in and to the Digital Content shall remain at all times with the

All entrants under this Contest irrevocably grant to Corel the
perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use, re-use, crop and resize as
necessary, reproduce, publish, display, distribute and/or otherwise transmit any
reproduction of the Digital Content taken by such entrant and any picture,
likeness, image, representation, negative, transparency, print, digital
information, thereto or indicia, in whole or in part derived therefrom
(collectively referred to as the "Representation"), with or without 
description, for all purposes including without limitation advertising, trade,
display, exhibition and editorial use, in all territories, in perpetuity, in all
manner and media including electronically generated images and any other media,
known or unknown, without limitation whatsoever. " and there is more...

" Entrants hereby irrevocably grant Corel the right to sublicense to a
third-party, any and all of the foregoing rights and licenses relative to the
Representation. ¨

All entrants do hereby waive their moral rights in the Representation
in favour of Corel including the right to restrain or claim damages for any
distortion, mutilation, or other modification of the Representation or any part
thereof whatsoever, the right to be associated with the Representation and the
right to restrain any use, reproduction, distortion, mutilation or other
modification of the Representation in connection with any product or service. "

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