Saturday, May 15, 2010


To celebrate the soon to be released IN MY BATH,  I am happy to post the 
Essentials for Bathtime Enjoyment.

( And it is perfectly fine if a visiting penguin wants to join in the fun!)
                                          1. Soap  - check
                                          2. Shampoo  - check
                                          3. Toy Boat  - check
                                          4. Green fishy - check
                                          5. Rubber Ducky - check
                                          6. Ultimate shower spray - check
                                          7. Orange fishy  - check
                                          8. Back-up flotilla - check

You can also see a short trailer for the book right here.


Doodle Isle said...

oooooo it sure looks fun!!!!!
great illo :D

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I have to have this kind of equipment when I take a bath too! It helps the time pass! LOL!!!! This is so clever and adorable. I love it. This book is a must have! Great illustration.

Rena said...

This looks like a really cute book. I can't wait to see it!

Kylie said...

I seem to missing a penguin from my bathing essentials any idea where I can get one? Nice Illo.

Faruffa said...

What a great idea and so fun and "clean" :o)))

Kit said...

lovely pictures Ginger, have a wonderful mood to them

Heather said...

great job - i love the bright happy colors of this...I will definitely be picking up a copy of this! looks like my kids bath...filled to the brim with all sorts of STUFF!

Jack Foster said...

I am so excited for you Ginger! The book looks wonderful! I love that manatee! Fantastic work. Great one for this week's prompt as well. All in the name of good "clean" fun :o)

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

I like the way handled the character here.So much action! Love it, Ginger-well done.

Roberta said...

Great perspective and an equally great character Ginger! This looks like it's been so much fun to illustrate!!!

theartofpuro said...

Wonderful job!Great illustrations!Saw the trailer is fantastic:)

Susan said...

Congratulations Ginger, this is wonderful!

So much fun and completely adorable, you must be so excited - can't wait to see the whole thing - great trailer too - enjoy your moment!

Have a wonderful weekend...