Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Illustrator's world

In this world we dream in color. We enjoy the way dust settles on objects. Dog hair that forms little objects of its own gets inspected for ideas before it is swept up.
Cracks in the tile floor invite us to imagine creatures that were or never were.
A shadow has a life of its own. Sixteen shades of blue can never be enough.
The laundry waits... we don't care if we eat on time, ...(but everyone else in the family does *:) Illustrations that are almost good are never good enough and need to be worked on just until the right spot has arrived for stopping. And we do need to know when to stop!
We can draw or paint and pray at the same time. Music can help or hinder... the light needs to be just right and if it isn't we adjust the artificial lights.
If the snow calls to us, we need to answer it by putting on boots and wading into and through the drifts.
Stopping to make a small snowman or two is allowed.
Deer tracks need to be followed.
We wait for the full moon to cover the snow with so much light it seems like day.

What is your world like today?


Nikki said...

This is screaming to be a greeting card... I love the BIG snowflakes!

Michelle Henninger said...

Well, in answer to your question ... my world is pretty much like yours today (Nashua's not too far away). hee hee!

And Nikki's right. This is an awesome illo that is screaming to be made into a card. I love the moose. I'm a sucker for moose. Fantastic job, Ginger!