Sunday, September 6, 2009

Now children, never do this....

This is one of the illustrations from a book by Brettell Hone, that I had the pleasure of illustrating. The entire experience was a learning one for me and a delight to work with Brettell who is an amazing story teller. MY African Bedtime Rhymes has recently been reviewed again by the Wandering Educators.

This is one of my favorite illustrations for several reasons. I liked the action in the story, and love the sunset colors I was able to use. And I enjoyed researching crocs and African watering holes. There are some great animal cams on You have to go there early in the day as the animals are usually asleep by the time we get to our afternoon.


the enigma said...

oh, poor crocs.. yes, children or anyone should never do this. beautiful work Ginger!

Roberta said...

I love getting to peek into your books! These are both gorgeous Ginger!
Wonderful color choices and the action is spot on!