Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lizards on leaves ~ Cool Reader: cards for kids

Experimenting with textures and papers. I decided to make a few cards using this illustration. I ordered just a few from Overnight Prints to see how I would like them. I know I could do my own, but for this first trial I'll trust the professionals to do a good job. I think these would make great cards for boys to use for Thank Yous, Get well to a friend and maybe some other occasions where it helps to have a boy-themed card that is still a bit sophisticated.

But we need not leave the girls out... so I created another set just for them.
Both sets are blank on the inside to fit any occasion for which a child might need a card.

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isay said...

ohh beautiful cards.

by the way, i changed the image for my welcome entry to IF (sorry,sigh) fickleminded me :)