Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Bedroom Ate My Homework-start to finish

The new finish.
And there are at least 35 items here that need to be picked up!
And the homework is in there too. Can you spot it?

Okay so that's is the finish. But I wanted to tell other illustrators and friends how this all came about. It is a lesson that we learn and sometimes never realized we needed. I was asked to submit an image of a child for a project. The theme was similar, and my sketch was good, but not good enough or perhaps the right fit for the project. But instead of tossing the sketch that I had worked hard on, I decided to keep it in my Digital File for further study. At first I didn't want to go back to it at all. Later I realized I had something that I could build upon.

I worked on the newer version of the original sketch for a few days and when I liked the ideas that were forming I started the whole illustration over in color. Now I have something that I will save for my portfolio and I am happy that I took the time to create a new image.

This finish took about three days to complete, and I enjoyed the journey immensely. As a mom I can remember rooms like this. Oh yes!
And isn't it wonderful when you find what you are looking for.


thedoodlegirl said...

I am so amazed by all of the detail you've put into this!! WOW. I love the tree outside of the window, too! Awesome. Is the homework the yellow paper off to the left?

Ginger*:) said...

Yes that is where it ended up. He'll find it soon enough and learn to clean up his act.