Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opening Night Gallery show

Our Son in law, Michael Leopold Schreiber ( aka Nigel) will have his first gallery showing of his Metal Work Sculpture on Sept. 4 at Atomic Tom's Gallery in Binghamton, NY. 196 State Street from 6-9pm. The opening will be special with goodies and treats for those who attend. If you are in the area or vacationing nearby that weekend, you will be pleasantly surprised by his incredible work. His own blog is coming soon, in case you miss the show you can still view his work online.

Just as an added attraction, Michael's dad is a well known master confectioner. Leopold Schreiber's chocolates are devine! I am sure you will find some at the opening night. If you want to drool browse Leopold's website.


Kelly H-Y said...

How exciting!!!

Sherry Rogers said...

Love his work Ginger!

Loni Edwards said...

Excellent! What a fun, exciting time for all of you! My best of luck to him on his showing!