Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Grapevine Connection

Some scenes from practice and the stage set.

Our director is a talented musician and is also our choir director and organist. She could be a concert pianist, but she chooses to work with us and with the children of our community.

For the first day of Summer Theater Camp she engages the children in the FUN of performing and stresses that this is to be fun. They practice songs, movements and enjoy each others company. During the two weeks of camp they will learn about 10 different song productions, a series of stage directions, dialogue and finally perform the play for two nights to a full house. We average about 200 a night in our large parish hall/stage area.

Since the play is about the progress of communication from Way Back when the World Was new... up until today, I designed some basic graphics to show the areas of communication that are presented in the play.
The curtains aren't fully opened but the areas are Gossip, Alphabet, Newspapers, Pony Express, Morse Code, Telephone, Incandescent lighting, TV and computers.
Below are some closer views of the panels. They are 4 ft wide by 8 ft tall and the children are usually no more than 4 feet tall so the images will show up while they are onstage. They are meant to be a bit cartoony and very simple.


Sherry Rogers said...

These are extremely fun Ginger! I love them all very much. They must be thoroughly excited to have them! You are so very talented and generous with your talent!


Amazing...what an are so wonderful for all the work you do for the plays.