Monday, May 4, 2009

Scanning Artwork studies and sketches vs Digital photo

Water color Cat studies

I have this ongoing argument with myself. Will I scan my artwork? Will I photograph it?
Will I leave it as is, or transform it into a digital painting?
Most of the time I will scan a sketch if it isn't too big. I like seeing the texture that a scan can pick up. Occasionally a piece is way to large to scan and I will photograph it with and without flash to transfer it to the computer for finishing.

Here are three examples. I did some water color CAT studies, and then a "cat scan" and a photo with flash and with lamplight. While all three will have usefulness in future work, today I prefer the "cat Scan" for the color and texture. So that is one that I will keep handy for use in a current dummy I am working on.

Cat study photographed with flash

Cat study photographed with lamp light

And finally the
"Cat Scan" --- I just loved saying that *:)

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