Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Why do I do this... why do I illustrate? And why do you?

For me, Illustration isn't just an occupation. It is my passion. This is what I do because the characters that are living in my thoughts and dreams are begging to be noticed. The desire to draw, to paint, to write and to create art in any form gets me up and ready to start each day with a new idea.

I try to tell a little story in each illustration.

To investigate new ways to show these ideas in my artowrk I study nature, people, animals, books, and the artwork of many others who have inspired me through their work and dedication to that very special art form called the Picture Book.

But what about you? You are illustrators by the hundreds, and designers, and crafters. Are you in this because you love the process, the outcome...the journey?

Let others hear from you .... WHY?


isay said...

Just like you it is my passion. I started drawing in the pages of our newspapers (i don't know about sketchbooks back then)when I was little. I am not a children's book illustrator but I like them, my heart becomes younger....I also get inspiration in almost everything I see. If my drawings get the attention of others, that makes me happy, and if not, its okay.....

Amy C. Moreno said...

Ginger...what a lovely image here...I'll bet I know who inspired the little boy. It is adorable.
I agree with what you said about why you illustrate. The same goes for me. I love it...my art naturally tends to go with telling a story. It is a joy to illustrated, especially for children. The joy I had as a child and have now in viewing heartwarming art and hearing or reading a good story goes beyond art as "work" or a job.

Ginger*:) said...

Isay, How interesting that you actually "recycled" at such a young age. I wonder if you saved any of those early drawings. What a wonderful beginning...and look at you now!

Amy, I can see your passion and the love of what you do in the pen and ink renderings that are so detailed yet free, and in the glowing oil paintings you create for picture books.

Thank you both for sharing your vision.