Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning..

It is time for some spring cleaning. Along with the huge clean up job we will have with the remains from our Dec.11 ice storm, and the chores in the house itself, there is the issue of online appearance.
Spring cleaning has migrated all the way to my website. As an illustrator it is necessary to keep things fresh and make some changes now and then. So, my WEBSITE has a newer fresher look. That includes some rather quriky work along with the more traditional. I think I would like to expand that newer, quirkier area along with the black and white over the next few months.

Take a look if you have time. Some of this may make you smile.

In addition to the refreshed website I have added one new page devoted to the professional illustrator's group of which I am a member. The Picture Bookies are a group of 8 dedicated children's book artists. While we will no longer maintain a full website for the group we do host an online blog as well as a SHOWCASE gallery for other professionals in the field. Since we are removing the website I will still feature a page on my website that can link viewers to the blog and showcase.

That page will link back to the blog and showcase, so that all the artists in our group can be represented.
They are a great group with enormous talent and all their individual blogs and websites are worth a visit.

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