Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Circus creatures from the floor

Have you ever noticed that in some textured floor tiles there are creatures waiting to be found out?
These two popped out to me from our kitchen floor several times during the past week. They nagged and nagged at me until I was compelled to recreate them in full color.

And there are many more waiting to be 'hatched' out, but some are so scary I think I will have to leave them in their prison under our feet.


Bron Smith said...

What a novel idea, Ginger. I'll start looking for patterns around the house. So you've been to Grand Cayman. I recently completed a cartoon map of Grand Cayman ( on the home page) I haven't been there, but could take anyone around the island since I've researched it to draw it. I wonder if you went out to Stingray City, or visited the botanical gardens.

isay said...

the elephant is so huggable!

Anonymous said...

You're so creative you're seeing shapes in the floor! Can you show us a photo of the inspiring floor??;)


wow....I had better take a closer look at our kitchen floor....I might really be missing something. These guys are great !!

roz said...

I am going through an "elephant" phase right now and I just love the cuddly shape you came up with for yours here.
Darling! And the textures are really cool too.