Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter is still here .....

Welcome to our house! Winter is still here in New Hampshire.

Even though we try to keep up with it, Snow has a way of piling up!

If you check out the red circle on the rhododendron bush you can see where the deer ate away the lower shoots and leaves.

This is the forest behind our home. The deer gracefully make their way through here.
In the spring we will most likely see big old Mr. Bear again.

We still have more digging out to do!


Amy C. Moreno said...

inCREDible! It was a joy to see these photos. I can't imagine this much snow and cold for so long. Here's to a warm beautiful Spring...without flooding.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ginger that is amazing! Truly amazing. Makes me cold just to look at it. You guys will really enjoy the warmth when it comes. I guess the bear are in hibernation right now so at least they aren't out prowling around.

I am with Amy. . .here's to a warm spring!

platitudinal said...

What a beautiful place you live, though it must be crazy cold. :)