Friday, February 22, 2008 a great friend...

So, here we go again. My good friend Sherry Rogers tagged me and invited me to play along with 5 random things about me.
Should be easy...most of my life has been random lately.

1.) If they let me, I would draw and paint 24/7. But they ( the BIG THEY..husband, dog, cat, mother ) insist on eating regularly.

2.) I have ALWAYS loved snow! Until this year. We have had a winter of snow, ice, mix, over 90 inches of it. And of course, as I type this is snowing...hard. Enough already!

3.) Chocolate. ( many of you will understand why this only requires one word )

4.) I can't watch TV without a sketch pad and pencil in hand.

5.) I dream in vivid color. (I'll bet you do too!) And since we are on the subject of dreams, I often drive someplace in my dreams, park my car and am unable to find it when I look for it. There may be a meaning in this, but often even in my dreams I will tell myself I can't find the car because I am, in fact, dreaming. And I will STILL continue to look for the car. Go Figure!

Since this is a circle of fun I am tagging,

Kate Reitz

Paige Keiser

Nancy Lefko

Isay Hansen

Bron Smith

Play along if you all have some time.


Anonymous said...

I really do love this game it really helps us all chuckle at ourselves. I saw this morning on the news that there is a storm up your way! Praying for you Ginger!!

Hey I love the car parking dream. I do that too. . .only I am awake!

Thanks for playing Ginger!!

isay said...

Really fun game and I enjoyed what you shared.i like snow, too. It must be exciting that your
continuing to look for that car-and funny what sherry has said-made me smile. I'll share mine later.
and by the way Ginger, you have been tagged again and this time by me. If you could kindly visit my blogsite. thanks

Amy C. Moreno said...

hey..that was funny about looking for your car..even tho you knew it was a dream. I can so relate. I hope Spring comes soon Ginger.
Your new blog heading looks terrific btw.