Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tagged... by Ryan to show my studio

One look out the studio window will let you know just what our weather is like today.....Heavy wet snow and lots of it..coming down quite hard as I write.

I have been tagged by Ryan Loghry to show my studio. It has been fun putting things together so that they work well for me and it has taken a good three years to settle on a plan that is best for my type of work. As a digital artist with a traditional background, I normally sketch a lot before I can decide on a direction for an illustration. Somehow the traditional pen and ink or pencil gives me a certain freedom and I love the feel of the paper under a pen or pencil. So I need a drawing table... a light box if I want to make some changes and, of course, the computer. My mac and wacom tablet combine to allow me to create digital illustrations using Corel Painter.

Right in front of the window I have a small Japanese folding screen to block out the sun when I need to.

I need my big desk with all the drawers and cabinets to store all kinds of useful items. I also have several bookshelves in here that are packed with picture books, drawings, portfolios and some really old floppy disks of my very early work on AOL.
Then there is the neat drawing table that my husband patiently put together for me. It is on wheels so I can move it to get to books, printer and other large format printing papers stored under the printer.

A collection of stuffed animals and little gifts from friends and children are scattered about. They provide a comfort zone and often an inspiration.



what a beautiful work space.....so neat and organized. I don't have a window in mine, but I do have a sink :) so, I'm happy for that!

Paige Keiser said...

Ooohhh thanks for posting this Ginger, I love looking in on other artist's spaces! It's so inspiring.


Very very cool! I love to see how the people setup the sudio too! Thanks for posting! : )

RyanLoghry said...

You have a very organized studio. I like that old desk your computer is on. I love old desks. Well you've got us beat when it comes to snow. It was over 60 degrees here today, and I sat outside and sketched in shorts and a tshirt. Two weeks ago we had 2 feet of snow. Go figure!