Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mystery Solved...

The past couple of days I have seen tracks all over the lawn, in the snow, of course. But they are going every which way and there are many of them.

I figured it was squirrels or more turkeys or some kind of mice .....

Yesterday we saw the two deer but they were in the woods behind the house. Well this evening just as I was beginning dinner, the deer returned to the woods. We watched the two or three move across the back to our neighbors and were astounded to see about 13 more following. An entire herd was traveling near the back yards looking for twigs and new shoots. Then they returned across our back woods and came right into the yard to feast on .... my huge Rhododendron bushes.

I felt so sorry for them to be so hungry, but I can't put any food out for them. If I do they won't be afraid of humans and might get hunted down too easily. There is a nature preserve behind and attached to our woods, so I think the keepers there, feed them in winter.

To see so many at once was such a joy for my mother. I brought a chair to the window so she could watch them until they disappeared back into the woods.

It explains the tracks all over the front and side yards, and the interest Henry has in sniffing everywhere in the driveway where they must have crossed.
Some are big, some are medium and there were at least two really little guys. All does and their young I expect. I wonder if we will see them again?.... I guess as long as there is any Rhododendron left they will be back. They really chomped away at that.

If I had my way I would knit them all leg warmers and nice blankets to wear on their cold winter hunts for food.


rbaird said...

I thought those were leg warmers! Mystery solved.

johanna said...

those deer with legwarmers and scarves - absolutely adorable!

princesstomato said...

legwarmers! too cute! i want some!