Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finished from earlier sketch

This is most likely my last post for a while. I started a new assignment that will keep me quite busy, along with introducing Henry into our home these will be joy filled days. I love to work at my chosen craft, and I already love Henry. I may pop in now and then for some needed "dog whispering" advice.


Anonymous said...

This turned out wonderful with the color added Ginger! You do water sooooo well!!!

Oh wish I could be there to see your Henry. . .but I will just have to look at pictures.

Ginger enjoy every single solid minute of your new doggie!

Have a safe trip! I'll be praying for you!


This is so makes me think of the pirate books Brian and I read this summer. I'll miss your daily enries but know you'll be having so much fun creating for your new project and loving up Henry !!!