Thursday, August 9, 2007

To the Cintiq and beyond...

I have a few little index cards tacked to my bulletin board. They contain wistful 'wishes' for the future. One card has a Nordic Track C2200 treadmill listed on it, one has an Epson wide body printer, but the one that caught my eye this morning, as it always does, was the one that simply reads: CINTIQ 21UX

I use a Wacom 6x11 tablet, and am very happy with it, but I know I would be far closer to Nirvana with a Cintiq beneath my stylus. One of the things that I wondered was if the Painter and Photohop palettes would be visible along with the artwork on the CINTIQ so I went looking for Demos. On YOU TUBE I was able to find several ( actually a whole bunch) demos that are sure to have you salivating if you are a digital artist. I was pleased to see the palette on the screen along with the artwork. I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be there.

The most amazing thing, and something I had not even thought of was the ability to turn the CINTIQ into any direction for drawing. Just like your drawing pad, you can move it from angle to angle for the 'real time' feel of drawing on paper. I now know that I will have to keep walking outdoors (forget about the Nordic Track for the time being) and focus on the CINTIQ.

My favorite video can be viewed on YouTube if you do a search for : Wacom Cintiq 21ux in action

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